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Singapore Part Two: I wanna be like you (hoo hoo)

When you are part of a company, you start to become a bit like a family unit. Especially when you are (literally) miles away from home. No matter how wonderful a place you are in, nothing quite compares to home does it? I think some gingham clad farm girl learnt that in an MGM movie I once saw. My point being that there are days where we all feel a little homesick, crave a cheese and cucumber roll from the market square bakery in Higham Ferrers (my home town ☺️) miss my folks and their unsociable cat Dottie, need a good squeezing from my best friend…. On these days we can either choose to stay in doors under the duvet and watch Die Hard with a vengeance or go on an adventure…

We are incredibly lucky on Wicked that in our team we have quite a few people who organise outings and experiences for anyone who wants to join – just because they are extra lovely. One of those people is cast member Dean, everything he organises always turns out to be a great day, so I try and say yes if I can. When you are away from family and friends it’s a good way of keeping your mind occupied and having some wonderful experiences with your touring team.

Over the last two weeks Dean organised two trips, the first to Pulau Ubin, an Island off Singapore and the second a Tree Top Forest adventure (UK peeps, basically Go Ape.) One was seeing countless monkeys in their natural habitat and the latter was acting like a bunch of monkeys! 🙈

If there is a group of you, I definitely recommend the Tree Top Forest Adventure It’s great value for money, a brilliant bonding exercise and not to mention a work out. My upper body was a killer the next day! A challenging experience if you are not good with heights, but great fun- especially the zip lining.

Pulau Ubin is a gorgeous little Island. It’s about a fifteen minute boat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal. The boat costs around $36 so going in a group makes it cheaper. On the day we went it was glorious sunshine, so slap on that factor 30 and get your insect repellent out.

Once on the Island, we decided to hire tandem bikes, there were eight of us so that worked out perfectly. $12 per bike for the whole day. My little tip for this one, pack a snack bag. Once you are on the Island and you’ve set off on your bike there isn’t really anywhere to buy snacks. There is a main seafood restaurant where you dock and get your bikes but worth taking some supplies with you- and plenty of water. Whilst on our bike ride through the woodland we encountered wild boars and lots and lots of monkeys. They look so cute but obviously it’s their home and you have to respect that. Also hold onto your bags, we saw one monkey having a fight with a guys back pack… The back pack did not win.

Chek Jawa Wetlands took us about fifteen minutes to cycle (with a cheeky monkey stop on the way) and the scenery is very pretty.

I really enjoyed this excursion. The Island is so untouched and really charming. They say it transports you back to 1960s Singapore and it does have that timeless feel to it. I felt very relaxed and peaceful here.

As I said in my previous post, I will dedicate an entire blog to my favourite healthy eating spots in Singapore. But since I am such a foodie, as you are all aware by now, I wanted to talk a bit about some of my favourite restaurants I have been to so far. I get very excited about this because I enjoy talking about food nearly as much as I enjoy eating it….wait no, that’s a lie. But I do enjoy talking about food- who doesn’t?

I Am Cafe Haji Lane, Bugis. So good I have been twice. Well actually I had major food envy the first time (isn’t that just awful?) My first visit to I Am was with Kim and Lizzie and we thought it smelled so good so we ventured in. Little did we know that this restaurant is a popular favourite. I can see why, the food is really scrumptious. The menu is varied, Burgers, Pastas, Pizza and Sandwiches. All of which look and taste excellent. May I recommend The Big Bear Burger, complete with onion ring and fried egg with a side of pretty delicious fries. (I know what you are thinking, food envy? Yes. It was. But don’t worry, I went back for it, because I’m not messing around when it comes to food envy.)  I’m afraid I don’t have a photo because I inhaled it, but believe me when I say it was a bear-illiant burger and reasonably priced at $15.90

The Banana Leaf Little India (Arcade branch). This. Was. Amazing. I’d go as far as saying it was the second best curry house I have ever been to (which is high praise indeed!) It’s really authentic, you eat off a banana leaf with your hands (they do supply cutlery if you don’t want to) but it’s fun and really nice to get involved with your food, especially if you get a naan or chapati to scoop your sauce up with. (It’s making me salivate just thinking about it.)

Now, I’m a bit like Joey, I’m not keen on sharing food, however I’m so glad that we all ordered a dish each and shared because I tried (and loved) dishes that perhaps I wouldn’t have gone for like the Mango Prawns… so tasty! I have to say the butter chicken was excellent as was the veggie dhal… infact everything we tried was simply delicious. For the five of us, and we had about 7 dishes plus rice, breads and drinks the bill was $159 including service. I think that is great value. A big thumbs up from me 👍

Kim and myself went to China Town in search of the $2 street food stall “Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle” that has been awarded a michelin star. This can be found in the largest hawker centre in Singapore, Chinatown complex. It kind of looks like a car park, with lots of food stalls (and it’s very warm- which I actually think adds to the charm, just be sure to take a fan with you.) You will know the stall right away as there is a huge queue, which include plenty of locals, always a good sign in my book. Kim and I queued for just over an hour, before we were served, but that’s half the fun. One of our cast members went the previous day and lined up for fifty minutes, but he said that the people in front had been waiting for two hours! The food was tasty, I have to say I’m not a huge fan of chicken on the bone but it was cooked beautifully and the sauce was exquisite. The experience  itself was definitely worth it…I can’t imagine I could ever say I ate at a Michelin star restaurant for $2 again! I found a short five minute YouTube video about hawker chef Chang Hong Meng     Watch it here.

Another recommendation, if you like coffee is to try Selfie Coffee on …. Haji Lane (where else?!) Selfie Coffee does exactly what it says on the tin. You order a coffee, take a selfie and they print it on edible foam on top of your coffee. It’s completely novelty, somewhat narcissistic and a bit pricey for a coffee at $8.90 but a lot of fun and incredibly tasty. I had the butterscotch frappuccino and it was so deliciously naughty, with cream on top and everything! Kim went for salted caramel and Jodie amaretto… I tried both, they were really good too (but I liked mine best ☺️)

So we’ve reached the half way point with four weeks down and four weeks to go…and there is still so much more to explore. I’m yet to try the famous chilli crab or go to Raffles but they are on the list. We have a couple of exciting trips coming up over the next few weeks and I will look forward to telling you about my favourites in my next blog…

As always, if you have any suggestions or recommendations pop them in the box and thanks for taking the time to read my blog! 😘

Love Emily xxx



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