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Singapore Part 4: Cocktails, High tea…Raffles Galore!

Remember when you were at school and couldn’t wait for the summer holidays to start, you felt like you had ages…and then all of a sudden you are packing up your school bag, getting your new exercise books, pencil case and owl. Time seems to come and go in a flash… It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 weeks since I emptied my suitcase of clothes and made a little home of my hotel room. Now I’m sat here bags packed, passport at the ready about to get on that long old flight back to sunny England…

That’s the nice thing about being away, it’s coming home. Singapore has been 8 weeks of exploring, excitement and eating… and I’ve loved every minute of it. But now it’s time to go home and see my people and have fake Christmas and that roast dinner I’ve been so longing for.

Sometimes the last few weeks of a venue, when working away from home, no matter where you are, can be a little… shall we say ‘up hill’. As much as I love my job, I do miss my family so very much and the closer I am to getting to see there lovely little faces the harder it feels to be away from them. With that in mind I kept a couple of things up my sleeve to look forward to for my final two weeks of Singapore … and they did not disappoint!!

Singapore Sling 🍹


You can’t come to Singapore and not try a Singapore Sling can you? Surely it would be rude not too, when in Rome and all that! Most of the team and I went along to celebrate the lovely Wendy’s birthday in style at the famous Raffles Long Bar. It was a fantastic evening and I really loved Raffles. The building is stunning, the two story long bar is charming with little wooden fans along the ceiling and bags of monkey peanuts -you can toss peanut shells onto the floor (the only place in Singapore where “littering” is permitted.) I felt like I was transported back in time to the 20’s … The setting alone was worth the $32 for my Singapore Sling which to me tasted like delicious rum punch. I also tried the Gin Sling ($28) I think I preferred this cocktail even more (I do like my gin!) Although pricey, I would highly recommend this experience.

Lizzie & The Emilys

 Gardens By The Bay

Miss Kim Ismay and myself visited the Gardens by the Bay on our very first day off. The flower dome was closed so I decided to wait until it reopened to go back and do both of the domes (cloud and flower) and the light display. I thought it was fitting to go here on my final day off in Singapore.

To enter both of the domes it costs $28. The cloud dome was my favourite, but both of them are very impressive- the maintenance alone, incredible. The temperature of the cloud dome reminded me of back home (so maybe pack a cardigan in your bag!) The waterfall is beautiful and it was so interesting to look and learn about all the various plants and flowers. There is also a little section talking about climate change and what we can do to help our planet 🌍

The Cloud Dome
The flower dome was a little bundle of Christmas wrapped up in a winter wonderland- which in early November made me feel a little prematurely Christmassy…but since I happen to love Christmas and I am having fake Christmas with my family a month early on 27th November… I embraced it, I even danced around the Christmas trees (no judging!)

Later on in the evening a few of us watched the light show amongst the super trees in the gardens by the bay followed by the light display on the water outside Marina Bay Sands. Both light shows are free and definitely worth going to.

Super Trees
One of the brilliant things about Singapore is that many attractions here are free…I found this great guide in Lonely Planet “19 free things to do in Singapore” to read it, click Here. My top tip is to have a good walk around the city. I found a lovely walk around  Bugis and Lavender. As well as lots of nice cafes, shops and markets there is a lot of street art to see. 🎨

Street art on Victoria Street, Bugis

High Tea at Raffles 🍰

After our very successful trip to Betty’s Tea Rooms of Harrogate (😋) the lovely Kim Ismay and I decided we would book Raffles for afternoon tea as a little treat to ourselves…

Raffles is such a beautiful building, as I mentioned earlier, and the Tiffin Room is no exception. The service was tip top, from the moment we stepped into the room. The food was fantastic, all the usual suspects, sandwiches, scones (with raspberry and rose jam ☺️) and an array of cakes, (which kept getting replenished by the way!) There was also a buffet table, with dim sum, warm pastries (sweet and savoury 😋) more cakes, fruit and … bread and butter pudding. This was their signature dish and an absolute winner. If you go to Raffles for High Tea then make sure you save enough room for it! Delish!

Raffles Bread & Butter Pudding
Kim and I were there for nearly two hours and we never once felt rushed, the waiters were so attentive and the whole experience was first class. For the High Tea you are looking at $73 a head (including service charge and GST) which is around £45-£50 but worth every penny. I am so glad we chose to go in our final week here in Singapore, it really was a lovely treat ☺️

I’ve had such a fantastic time here in Singapore, I’ve met some wonderful people and had some magical experiences. I’m so excited to go home and share them all with my family.

Thank you Singapore, and thank you to everyone who came to see our show, thank you to the staff at the Oasia Hotel and huge thanks to the amazing crew and team at the MasterCard Theatre, you made our experience here so warm (literally! 😅☀️) and memorable.

The first part of our International tour is complete… next stop Hong Kong!

Love Emily xxx





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