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There’s no place like Rome

Having been over on the East side for the last few months I decided to enjoy a City break a little closer to home.

I had never been to Italy before and I thought I’d tuck straight into one of the World’s most popular Cities. Rome. A City filled with history, architecture, food and of course wine… what’s not to enjoy?


Everywhere I turned in Rome was another beautiful building. Every cobbled street I walked down, every monument, statue or ruin that I saw, every Piazza that I sat in and had a glorious glass of wine or a delicious cup of Italian coffee- watching the world go by. I found Rome to be captivating in every which way and I totally fell head over heels in love with it.

Ai Tre Scalini ~ Bottiglieria dal 1895

I was recommended this amazing restaurant by a friend who had recently visited Rome. It’s down a little back street on Via Panisperna not too far from the Colosseum.

From the outside, Ai Tre Scalini looked like a romantic little bar, what with it being covered in pretty ivy. There were plenty of locals outside, drinking wine whilst waiting for a table. There was a waiting list of nine parties before us, but as that can only be a good sign and we were in no rush we decided to wait.

… A (delicious) bottle of wine later and our table was ready. I had the Special Risotto of the day, possibly the best Risotto I have ever tasted (and I say this through gritted teeth, as I fancy myself as a decent Risotto cook, one of my signature dishes!)

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant…

The food was incredible and so reasonable. For two carafes of house red and 2 courses each the bill came to €40 which I thought was brilliant value. I highly recommend this quaint local restaurant, totally worth the wait.

  • Opening hours: 12.30 – 1am (Daily)
  • Via Panisperna 251, Rione Monti, 00184 Rome
  • Nearest Metro Station: Cavour

Sora Margherita

If you are looking for good honest Italian food then Sora Margherita really is the one. I felt like I was one of the family in this restaurant and I was going to be fed until I had finished every mouthful (no exaggeration.)

What I loved about this place is that you don’t really get to order, you just get served. Obviously you tell your waitress if you would rather order off the menu, or if you are vegetarian etc, but I loved the charm of being served up the specials of the day…


I don’t remember an artichoke ever really making much of an impression on me before. Now, I’m almost certain I have of course eaten one at one time or another, but it wasn’t until I tried the local specialty of the Roman artichoke, where they come fried to a lighter-than-air crisp of a garlic dream, that I realised… artichokes are more than just a gag in Wicked. They are blooming delicious and I couldn’t get enough of them. Sora Margherita serve these tasty artichokes as one of their signature dishes, they were the best I had in Rome.

Crispy garlic clouds of heaven…

My husband and I are really into our food, Italian being our favourite cuisine. We are generally quite healthy- or try to be, but when we go for it, we go for it. There is no point in visiting Rome and not going for it. After our artichoke attack we had two huge plates of the special pasta of the day (homemade of course) between us. A tomato based ravioli and a ricotta tagliatelle. So simple yet so satisfying… we ate the lot.

I think our waitress was so impressed by the amount the two of us put away that she sneakily snuck a GIANT mountain of meatballs in front of us… just to top it off. Obviously we inhaled them, as they were delicious. This is what I mean by being “fed” like you are at your in-laws and you are not going home until you are suitably stuffed.

Needless to say… this was my kind of restaurant, if I get the chance to visit Rome again, this will be my first stop.

  • Sora Margherita
  • Lunch: Monday- Sunday 12-3pm
  • Dinner: Mon,Wed, Fri & Sat 8pm- 10.30pm
  • Piazza delle 5 scole, 30, 00182 Rome
  • Nearest Metro Station: Fori Imperiali-Colosseo

Ivo A Trastevere

To visit Italy and not have Pizza would be like visiting Yorkshire and not having a Yorkshire pudding. It just wouldn’t be right… and I mean, come on…who doesn’t like Pizza?

As you can imagine there are so many Pizza restaurants and bars in and around Rome. We found a fantastic Pizzaria in Trastevere. There was a little queue outside full of locals (so we new it would be good.)

When in Rome…

What I love about Italian food is that it isn’t overloaded with ingredients and flavours. Essentially my pizza was simply buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil… yet it was hands down the best Pizza I have ever had. I scoffed the lot…did you expect anything less?

I loved the atmosphere in this restaurant, it was really family friendly, warm and accommodating. I actually found Rome to be like that in general. We had two courses each and a carafe of house wine, the bill came to around €40 which again, for top notch Pizza was pretty decent.

  • Opening hours: 5pm-12am Mondays & 5pm-1am Wed – Sunday (Tuesday’s closed)
  • Via di San Francesco a Ripa 158, 00153 Rome
  • Nearest Metro Station: Circo Massimo

I adored the Trastevere neighbourhood. It’s really quaint and rome-antic, (sorry-couldn’t resist) and right up my street. There were lots of lovely little restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and street markets. I noticed lots of boutique hotels too, which I will look into for my next trip to Rome.


This area isn’t around any of the main Tourist spots (although it’s not too far from the Vatican), but it’s worth pointing out that all of the best restaurants I found, especially in terms of value for money weren’t near  the top sights.

I guess it depends on what you like and what you are visiting Rome for. I really enjoy architecture, art and culture… the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps etc were obviously top of our list, but food is a really big part of exploring a culture for me… well that’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it!

I ❤️ Rome

I hope I gave you some good ideas to be getting on with should you be visiting Rome any time soon… and if you have any recommendations for me then please… do tell!

Rome, you magnificent City. I cannot wait to return.

Lots of Love,

Emily xxx