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Singapore: All About The Food

One thing you need to know about The Shaw’s (of the Carleton Shaw variety) is that we LOVE food. We love cooking it, we love eating it and we love talking about it. So, I  couldn’t very well leave Singapore without doing a blog solely based on my top ‘Nosh’ recommendations, could I? What kind of Shaw would that make me?

Over the past eight weeks I have found so many cafes, restaurants and hawkers that I have really enjoyed. Healthy, naughty, budget, brunch, there are simply too many to blog about (I promise you, you would be here all day!) So, these are my top three favourites for each …

      Breakfast, Brunch, Brinner 

Ron Swanson – Parks and Recs

Anyone who knows me well, knows that, like Ron Swanson, I can eat breakfast food for literally every meal. Eggs and Bacon, Avocado and feta, waffles and maple syrup…it’s all good. And seriously, why would you want to eat anything else? I cannot think of a counter argument right now….Here are my top three spots in Singapore for breakfast lovers…

• The Clueless Goat

A popular breakfast/brunch spot for the Wicked company, as it was a mere stones throw from our hotel in Novena. A great menu, reasonably priced, and the coffee is especially good. I had The Jolly Rancher, smashed avocados and poached eggs on wholemeal bread, salad and salsa. Delish! With a medium coffee this set me back $13 (roughly £8) …excellent value.

The Jolly Rancher
  • THE CLUELESS GOAT: 189 Thompson Road, Novena
  • Tue – Thu: 08:00 – 18:00
  • Fri: 08:00 – 21:00
  • Sat: 09:00 – 21:00
  • Sun: 09:00 – 18:00
  • Closed: Mon
  • Nearest MRT: Novena

Wild Honey

This brunch spot in Orchard, is a little pricier- but for a nice treat it’s really worth it. The menu is extensive, sweet, savoury, naughty, healthy…something for everyone. The only problem with that is everything looked so good I wanted to try a little bit of it all (a “little” bit – who am I kidding!)…Eventually, after some careful thought, I went for the Boulevard St. Michael ($25.)

Boulevard St Michael
French toast (😋) with double baked cheese & spinach soufflé, parmesan crumbed poached egg, slowroasted tomatoes, grilled back bacon & spicy tomato chutney… Delicious !

  • WILD HONEY: Mandarin Gallery, 333 Orchard Road
  • Mon – Fri: 09:00 – 22:30
  • Sat – Sun: 08:00 – 22:30
  • Nearest MRT: Orchard

• The Bravery

I was drawn to this cafe because I adore Lavender and Rose flavoured biscuits, scones, jam (the list goes on.) I also like good coffee and at The Bravery they have Lavender Lattes ($5.50) on the menu… So naturally I needed to come here and check those out. This artsy little cafe (with free wifi 👍) is located on Horne Road just a few minutes walk from the Lavender MRT. There are quite a few coffee shops and bakeries on this strip 😋

A few of us gathered for brunch and all of us had great breakfast food. I had the pancake stack ($15) which was just heavenly. I have to say, I really liked the lavender latte- it’s not something I would have everyday but I really rather enjoyed it 👍

  • THE BRAVERY: 66 Horne Road, 209073
  • Mon: 09:00 – 18:00
  • Wed – Fri: 09:00 – 18:00
  • Sat & Sun: 08:30 – 19:00
  • Closed: Tue
  • Nearest MRT: Lavender

 Healthy 🍎🍉🍐

I mentioned in my previous blog, Singapore Part One, that it really is incredibly easy to find healthy options here in Singapore. There are lots of build your own salad shops (Salad Stop, Raw, Salad Chef.) I have found a fair few healthy eateries in Raffles Place so it’s definitely worth a trip there if you are looking for some clean eating. Which brings me to my first recommendation…


Smor Deli in One Raffles Place is a Scandinavian company, that offers freshly prepared, healthy gourmet meals at affordable prices. I have visited here quite a few times and always had excellent quality and filling meals. I have tried the Coconut Salmon, Norwegian Cod and the Ginger Chicken, all of which have been excellent.

Ginger chicken, Wild Rice, Broccoli & Avocado
Good news…Smor delivers and has delivered to our theatre in between shows on a matinee day and the staff are ever so friendly and accommodating. Prices range between $11.90-$15.90 depending on what you add to your meal.

  • SMØR: One Raffles Place
  • Mon – Fri: 08:00 – 20:00
  • Sat: 09:00 – 16:00
  • Closed: Sun
  • Nearest MRT: Raffles Place

The Caveman

If you love roast dinners (as I do) then The Caveman is a great, healthy version of this dish. Roasted chicken cooked in a variety of different spices to choose from Rosemary & Thyme, Mexican, Morrocan, Indian and an array of healthy sides carrots & broccoli, sweet potato, pumpkin, baked egg and apple salad. Prices are reasonable at $12.90 for half a chicken plus two sides.

If you are staying at the Oasia hotel, Novena then you can just press B3 in the elevator and it will take you straight down to the food area of Square 2.

Roasted Chicken (Mexican & Rosemary & Thyme) Broccoli & Carrots 😋
  • THE CAVEMAN: #B1 Square 2, 10 Sinaran Drive
  •  Mon-Sun 11:00am- 20:00pm
  • Nearest MRT: Novena

Pita Pan

I found this Mediterranean, vegetarian restaurant on my second day in Singapore whilst we were in technical rehearsals. Firstly, if you are working at the theatre or in Marina Bay and are looking for something veggie then this place is ideal. Freshly prepared, colourful, tasty food that won’t break the bank and there is a little seating area outside (for no extra cost) over looking the bay and skyline.

The falafel was a popular favourite amongst our cast and crew but I really enjoyed the Green Shakshuka, (spinach and spices with feta or halloumi cheese.) This came with warm pita on the side. They also offer a vegan version of this dish. I found everything I tried here really yummy and filling. The chick pea hummus is also really good (great for sharing!) A standard meal here with a drink is around $15-20.

Green Shakshuka
  • PITA PAN: #01-87 Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue
  • Mon – Thu: 09:00 – 00:00
  • Fri – Sat: 09:00 – 02:00
  • Sun: 09:00 – 00:00
  • Nearest MRT: Bayfront

Naughty… (But oh so nice)

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” …. FALSE! (Seriously 🙄 ) Whoever said that clearly hasn’t tried some of the scrumptious goodies I have over the last 8 weeks….These are my top three deliciously naughty cafes to tickle your tastebuds…


I stumbled (happily) across this cafe in Lavender. The cafe really reminds me of somewhere you might find in Crouch End, London (my old stomping ground.) So I ventured inside.

To my absolute delight they had Rose Lattes on the menu! They also had an afternoon special, with any cake you got any non-alcoholic beverage half price. So my Rose Latte (usually $5) I got for $2.50 accompanied by a slice of baked cheesecake ($8) that was rich yet light and it made for a perfect afternoon ☺️

  • Address: 111A King George’s Ave
  • Tue – Sun: 10:00 – 22:00
  • Closed: Mon 
  • Nearest MRT: Lavender

Plain Vanilla Bakery

I know I’ve mentioned this bakery before in a previous blog  but I have to put it up there as one of the best cafes/bakeries I’ve been to in Singapore. Situated in Tiong Bahru, I found Plain Vanilla Bakery really warm and non pretentious. Just great food. I like the fact that you can see the bakers at work, a lady was making biscuits when we visited. A great place to just relax and watch the world go by.

Salted Caramel Tart…
  • PLAIN VANILLA BAKERY: 1D Yong Siak Street, Tiong Bahru
  • Monday – Saturday: 8am – 7pm
  • Sunday: 9am – 6pm
  • Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru

Hyde & Co

If you are craving a good old cup of English breakfast tea in a bone china mug -that doesn’t cost the earth, then Hyde & Co is a great little cafe in Bugis to seek out. For me, nothing beats Yorkshire tea however the Butterscotch popcorn waffle ($15) definitely won me over..

  • HYDE & CO: 785 North Bridge Road
  • Monday 12pm till 6pm
  • Wed-Friday 12pm till 10pm
  • Saturday 11am till 10pm
  • Sunday 11am till 6pm
  • Closed on Tuesdays
  • Nearest MRT: Bugis

 Budget Banquets… 

There’s no getting away from it, Singapore is an expensive city. However, there are ways to enjoy local delights on a budget. Food hawkers (street food centres) are, in my opinion, some of the tastiest foods I have tried here …and they also keep your wallet happy ☺️

•China Town Food Complex

Found in China Town, no less, on Smith Street. I mentioned this hawker in Singapore part two. This is the hawker centre that has ‘Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice’-the hawker stand with the Michelin star ⭐️ But also you can find many stalls in this complex with fantastic food for a great price. Jodie and I found some incredible vegetable dumplings for $5.50 so good, we went back for seconds…

Veggie dumplings

•Newton Food Hawker

I came here late after the show one night and had quite possibly one of my favourite meals I have had in Singapore. The hawker centre is located just outside Newton MRT station and is open until 3am. I had Char Siew Rice- which is essentially pork and rice.

Char Siew Rice
The standard was just incredible, if I had been served that at a top restaurant for five times the price I would have been happy … $5 and worth every penny! (And then some) 👍

•Satay By The Bay

Located in the Gardens by the Bay, this alfresco food hawker is a little pricier than Newton, ChinaTown & Lau Pa Sat but still very reasonable. Cast member Dean (who recommended it to me) and I went in between shows for a Mediterranean feast (pictured) My meal set me back $15 including my drink. The stalls vary in cuisine and price and the smells were fantastic.

My Favourite…

The Banana Leaf

Located in Little India, which is one of my favourite areas in Singapore, I love the vibrancy of this community. Popular with local Singaporeans, the restaurant has an excellent selection of Indian favorites. Meals are served in a traditional setting, on a banana leaf instead of a plate. (Biodegradable and environmentally friendly 🌏) Have a go at eating with your hands, at first I was apprehensive, but once I got stuck in I really enjoyed myself.


The food is so tasty and flavoursome. I would recommend the Butter Chicken ($13), Briyani Rice ($4) and veggie yellow Dhall ($7.)  😋

  • THE BANANA LEAF: Little India Arcade, 48 Serangoon Road,
  • Mon- Sun 10.30am-10.30pm
  • Nearest MRT: Little India

Safe to say, for all you foodies out there, you will LOVE Singapore. As well as the culture and a million and one things to do here one things for sure…you won’t go hungry.

I hope you found this helpful, and as usual any questions then please pop them in the comments box. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you didn’t read this on an empty stomach!

Love Emily xxx

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience” – James Beard



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Singapore Part 4: Cocktails, High tea…Raffles Galore!

Remember when you were at school and couldn’t wait for the summer holidays to start, you felt like you had ages…and then all of a sudden you are packing up your school bag, getting your new exercise books, pencil case and owl. Time seems to come and go in a flash… It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 weeks since I emptied my suitcase of clothes and made a little home of my hotel room. Now I’m sat here bags packed, passport at the ready about to get on that long old flight back to sunny England…

That’s the nice thing about being away, it’s coming home. Singapore has been 8 weeks of exploring, excitement and eating… and I’ve loved every minute of it. But now it’s time to go home and see my people and have fake Christmas and that roast dinner I’ve been so longing for.

Sometimes the last few weeks of a venue, when working away from home, no matter where you are, can be a little… shall we say ‘up hill’. As much as I love my job, I do miss my family so very much and the closer I am to getting to see there lovely little faces the harder it feels to be away from them. With that in mind I kept a couple of things up my sleeve to look forward to for my final two weeks of Singapore … and they did not disappoint!!

Singapore Sling 🍹


You can’t come to Singapore and not try a Singapore Sling can you? Surely it would be rude not too, when in Rome and all that! Most of the team and I went along to celebrate the lovely Wendy’s birthday in style at the famous Raffles Long Bar. It was a fantastic evening and I really loved Raffles. The building is stunning, the two story long bar is charming with little wooden fans along the ceiling and bags of monkey peanuts -you can toss peanut shells onto the floor (the only place in Singapore where “littering” is permitted.) I felt like I was transported back in time to the 20’s … The setting alone was worth the $32 for my Singapore Sling which to me tasted like delicious rum punch. I also tried the Gin Sling ($28) I think I preferred this cocktail even more (I do like my gin!) Although pricey, I would highly recommend this experience.

Lizzie & The Emilys

 Gardens By The Bay

Miss Kim Ismay and myself visited the Gardens by the Bay on our very first day off. The flower dome was closed so I decided to wait until it reopened to go back and do both of the domes (cloud and flower) and the light display. I thought it was fitting to go here on my final day off in Singapore.

To enter both of the domes it costs $28. The cloud dome was my favourite, but both of them are very impressive- the maintenance alone, incredible. The temperature of the cloud dome reminded me of back home (so maybe pack a cardigan in your bag!) The waterfall is beautiful and it was so interesting to look and learn about all the various plants and flowers. There is also a little section talking about climate change and what we can do to help our planet 🌍

The Cloud Dome
The flower dome was a little bundle of Christmas wrapped up in a winter wonderland- which in early November made me feel a little prematurely Christmassy…but since I happen to love Christmas and I am having fake Christmas with my family a month early on 27th November… I embraced it, I even danced around the Christmas trees (no judging!)

Later on in the evening a few of us watched the light show amongst the super trees in the gardens by the bay followed by the light display on the water outside Marina Bay Sands. Both light shows are free and definitely worth going to.

Super Trees
One of the brilliant things about Singapore is that many attractions here are free…I found this great guide in Lonely Planet “19 free things to do in Singapore” to read it, click Here. My top tip is to have a good walk around the city. I found a lovely walk around  Bugis and Lavender. As well as lots of nice cafes, shops and markets there is a lot of street art to see. 🎨

Street art on Victoria Street, Bugis

High Tea at Raffles 🍰

After our very successful trip to Betty’s Tea Rooms of Harrogate (😋) the lovely Kim Ismay and I decided we would book Raffles for afternoon tea as a little treat to ourselves…

Raffles is such a beautiful building, as I mentioned earlier, and the Tiffin Room is no exception. The service was tip top, from the moment we stepped into the room. The food was fantastic, all the usual suspects, sandwiches, scones (with raspberry and rose jam ☺️) and an array of cakes, (which kept getting replenished by the way!) There was also a buffet table, with dim sum, warm pastries (sweet and savoury 😋) more cakes, fruit and … bread and butter pudding. This was their signature dish and an absolute winner. If you go to Raffles for High Tea then make sure you save enough room for it! Delish!

Raffles Bread & Butter Pudding
Kim and I were there for nearly two hours and we never once felt rushed, the waiters were so attentive and the whole experience was first class. For the High Tea you are looking at $73 a head (including service charge and GST) which is around £45-£50 but worth every penny. I am so glad we chose to go in our final week here in Singapore, it really was a lovely treat ☺️

I’ve had such a fantastic time here in Singapore, I’ve met some wonderful people and had some magical experiences. I’m so excited to go home and share them all with my family.

Thank you Singapore, and thank you to everyone who came to see our show, thank you to the staff at the Oasia Hotel and huge thanks to the amazing crew and team at the MasterCard Theatre, you made our experience here so warm (literally! 😅☀️) and memorable.

The first part of our International tour is complete… next stop Hong Kong!

Love Emily xxx



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Singapore Part Three: Mermaids & Fireflies…

I’m a big fan of all things Disney. As a child I used to watch all the Disney films, (still do.) I vividly remember how I felt when I saw The Little Mermaid (my favourite) for the first time. My Mum made me a mermaid costume so I could pretend to be Ariel, although we only had orange material for the tail, so I actually ended up looking like a giant goldfish. But who cares when you are 8 years old, parading around the living room singing “Part of your world”  at the top of your lungs (my poor neighbours!)

So, naturally I was beside myself with excitement when my first job out of drama school was working for Disney Cruise Line. I was 19 years old, I’d just graduated and I had to get on a plane over to Toronto Canada, on my own. I’d never left the UK before and I was apprehensive about going by myself.

Toronto was amazing! I got to see Niagara Falls, I went to the top of the CN tower, I completely fell in love with the city. We rehearsed in Toronto and then flew to Florida and boarded the Disney Wonder, my new home for the next 9 months. Including the cast there were over 900 crew members on board, all from different parts of the world, and we were one big floating family, I will never forget the experience. I have to put it up there as one of my favourite jobs.

Disney Magic 

At first on board, I remember getting terribly homesick. I felt guilty about that because I was doing what I loved and trained so hard for, whilst seeing the most beautiful places around the Bahamas and Caribbean that I had only ever dreamed of seeing. At the time my Mum gave me a great piece of advice, she said, you must enjoy and cherish this experience because one day you will be at home washing the dishes and you’ll look back and think, that was amazing, I really made the most of that. She was absolutely right…There were many times over the subsequent years that I washed the dishes and thought about how incredible that time of my life was. I’ve mentioned before in my previous blog (From Crunchem To Shiz) how difficult the acting industry can be. I thought, chances are, I won’t get an opportunity like that again. I never expected to be given another opportuntiy to work in a show that I love and get to travel on this scale…. I feel very lucky.

Rimba Resort, Sibu Island, Malaysia

Over the last two weeks I’ve experienced two beautiful Islands off Singapore. Sibu Island, Malaysia and Bintan Island, Indonesia. Both were so easy to get to and I felt so refreshed and rested (maybe too much!) How lucky that people who live here in Singapore have these paradise Islands practically on their doorstep.

One of our extremely lovely cast members, Alex organised our entire trip to Sibu Island. We stayed at The Rimba Resort who organised all our transfers to and from the Island, this was all included in the price. It took about 3 to 4 hours to get to Sibu, we had a mini bus take us to Malaysia and through customs and then on to the port where we got a speedboat to the Island. It was all very smooth, which made the trip feel shorter. Once on the Island we were met by really friendly staff who showed us to our huts.

My Villa, Number 12 😊

My first impression was how stunning the Island was…like a postcard. Our huts were complete with a bathroom and shower, only cold water (there is one villa with hot water if you want a bit more luxury) and our beds were covered with mosquito nets that you had to slide into.  There were no doors just heavy sheets to flap over the windows and entrance at night. It did have a camping (or should I say glamping) feel to it, which I found quite exciting. I have to say I didn’t get much sleep because I was scared to death I was going to get bitten alive during the night and I could hear every little noise outside…my imagination was running wild! However I eventually fell asleep and woke up bite free. I cannot believe I stayed there on my own- but I was so pleased I did it.

We were so fortunate because we had excellent weather when we arrived, and then later on in the day there was a terrific thunderstorm, which totally added to the charm of our stay. I really liked it here… I’d be hard pushed to think of anyone who wouldn’t.

My top tips for Sibu Island…

•Insect repellent (and plenty of it) especially at night, there are lots of little midges wanting to have a little nibble on your pins! The resort recommended an oil based suncream to prevent sand flies from joining in the feast (apparently the oil makes your skin too slippery for them to get on you) It worked for me as I came away bite free.

•Pack light. Everything is right there. Sun, sea, sand, a bar, delicious food, snorkelling equipment, towels. The reception team does have a safe if you want to lock your money/passport away but it is very secure and private here so you shouldn’t have any worries.

•Jelly shoes or sea shoes. I wish I’d packed some shoes to wear in the sea. It’s gorgeous water but a bit rocky by the shore. Needless to say I was less than glamorous coming out of the water (and I am clumsy at the best of times) … I definitely didn’t give Daniel Craig a run for his money!


The resort offers diving, snorkelling and there is also a spa for ultimate relaxation. I went snorkelling, which was fun and I’d recommend it if you have time. I felt like I was in finding Nemo ☺️ and incidentally I did see Nemo’s home -an Anemone, (which was a bit special). But sadly, no orange tailed mermaids.

In total, including transfers, food, drinks, snorkelling and staying for one night it cost me around $300 SGD (£174) which I thought was excellent value for a little getaway. The resort was beautiful, the staff were helpful and friendly, the food was tasty (I mean, they had marmite and everything!) and the whole experience gets a big thumbs up from me 👍 Thank you Alex for organising it.

Bintan Spavilla, Indonesia.

These last two weeks I’ve had to pinch myself about a billion times, I may as well have been bitten by the midges. We had a few days off at the beginning of this week and a friend of mine back in the UK had recommended Bintan Island, as it’s only a 5o minute ferry ride from Singapore. I had a little research on line and found the Bintan Spa Villa and Beach Resort I was drawn to this resort because it looked so peaceful and relaxing, the Spa had great reviews on Trip Advisor and they offered a few excursions that I was interested in. I found a great deal on Agoda

To get to Bintan Island you can take the ferry from Tanah Merah, they are very frequent. I booked with Bintan Resort Ferries It worked out at $58 SGD (£34) return. You need to let the resort know 24 hours in advance which Ferry you are taking and they will meet you from the ferry port in Bintan (BBT) and provide a complimentary shuttle service to the resort (about an hours drive.)

On arrival we were met by such friendly staff and a welcome drink (which was delicious!) I felt instantly relaxed. On our first night a few of us went on the Firefly and Mangrove boat tour. I have to say, it was magical. The tour guide was incredibly knowledgable, friendly and we got to see so many Fireflies, they looked like Christmas lights in the trees.

Disney Fire Flies 💕

My top tips for Bintan SpaVilla…

•Change your currency over before you arrive in Bintan. Spavilla accept MasterCard and Visa but only take cash in  Indonesian Rupee.

• Book a Jacuzzi Villa. It’s not much more expensive and is really worth it, the views in the morning are breathtaking and the Jacuzzi on your balcony over looking the water is a lovely treat.

• Get a fresh coconut for only $3.70/£2.15 (for a little extra you could add some rum 🍹)

Lizzie, Emily and me…Coco Loco

• The Beef Rendang was delicious. Lizzie tried the Seafood BBQ and gave it the thumbs up 👍

•Get up for the sunrise…it’s worth it

•I highly recommend booking a treatment in the spa, the full body massage was just heavenly! I have never felt so pampered…

There are many resorts in Bintan to choose from, I think it’s worth researching to get the best out of your trip. There were quite few members of our Wicked team staying at the SpaVilla and every one of us thoroughly enjoyed it.

View of the beautiful sunrise from my Villa

Meanwhile back in Singapore…A couple of people recommended that I gave Tiong Bahru a visit. A quirky street with a lovely bakery, one off shops, restaurants and a beautiful bookshop…They had me at bakery.

Kim and I (of course, who else when cakes are involved!) decided to go to Plain Vanilla Bakery for lunch. Because Kim and I have been so obsessed with the recent series of The Great British Bake Off, we went for shortcrust pastry tartlets. (I can only speak for myself, but I’ve definitely been craving it since Pastry Week) Just delicious…

Not a soggy bottom in sight!

The star bake was definitely our salted caramel and honeycomb tarts for dessert … (Sorry in advance, maybe grab yourself a biscuit before you look at this next photo- which doesn’t do them justice by the way!) We were a bit greedy really, we didn’t need one each but well… We won’t tell if you won’t!

Need I say more?

I adored the bookstore in Tiong Bahru, Books Actually Lots of classics in here, and if you like cats there were a few padding about. It reminded me of perhaps your Grandma’s attic, (an incredibly trendy Grandma) with lots of little trinkets and things to look at. I loved their vending machine outside the store which was full of surprise books wrapped up in white paper. For $10 you could get a book. I thought this was such a great idea!

The Ginger Garden

There are lots of free things to do in Singapore and one of the best days I’ve had here was when I visited the beautiful Botanical Gardens. It costs nothing to enter the park and only $5 to go into the Orchid Garden (which is breathtaking.) I’m actually going to have to go back a fair few times because it’s impossible to see everything in one day. It reminds me a bit of Kew Gardens back in London (minus the Lizards- which are really cute by the way!) I’m finding it somewhat difficult to be descriptive… it’s one of those places you just have to see.

The Orchid Garden

I cannot believe I have been in Singapore for six weeks already and I can’t believe that in two weeks time I will be sat at home with my family, maybe eating my Mum’s roast dinner with all the trimmings…Yorkshire pudding and gravy…my Aunty Gill’s Red Leicester cheese rolls…doughnuts from the Market Square Bakery…. I’m going off topic!

Two weeks left and I’ve saved a few things to do until last (in case I enjoyed them too much and wanted to do them every week!)

Until next time…

Love Emily xxx

Sibu Island

“The whole world is a series of miracles …but we’re so used to them we call them ordinary things”

~ Hans Christian Andersen

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Singapore Part Two: I wanna be like you (hoo hoo)

When you are part of a company, you start to become a bit like a family unit. Especially when you are (literally) miles away from home. No matter how wonderful a place you are in, nothing quite compares to home does it? I think some gingham clad farm girl learnt that in an MGM movie I once saw. My point being that there are days where we all feel a little homesick, crave a cheese and cucumber roll from the market square bakery in Higham Ferrers (my home town ☺️) miss my folks and their unsociable cat Dottie, need a good squeezing from my best friend…. On these days we can either choose to stay in doors under the duvet and watch Die Hard with a vengeance or go on an adventure…

We are incredibly lucky on Wicked that in our team we have quite a few people who organise outings and experiences for anyone who wants to join – just because they are extra lovely. One of those people is cast member Dean, everything he organises always turns out to be a great day, so I try and say yes if I can. When you are away from family and friends it’s a good way of keeping your mind occupied and having some wonderful experiences with your touring team.

Over the last two weeks Dean organised two trips, the first to Pulau Ubin, an Island off Singapore and the second a Tree Top Forest adventure (UK peeps, basically Go Ape.) One was seeing countless monkeys in their natural habitat and the latter was acting like a bunch of monkeys! 🙈

If there is a group of you, I definitely recommend the Tree Top Forest Adventure It’s great value for money, a brilliant bonding exercise and not to mention a work out. My upper body was a killer the next day! A challenging experience if you are not good with heights, but great fun- especially the zip lining.

Pulau Ubin is a gorgeous little Island. It’s about a fifteen minute boat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal. The boat costs around $36 so going in a group makes it cheaper. On the day we went it was glorious sunshine, so slap on that factor 30 and get your insect repellent out.

Once on the Island, we decided to hire tandem bikes, there were eight of us so that worked out perfectly. $12 per bike for the whole day. My little tip for this one, pack a snack bag. Once you are on the Island and you’ve set off on your bike there isn’t really anywhere to buy snacks. There is a main seafood restaurant where you dock and get your bikes but worth taking some supplies with you- and plenty of water. Whilst on our bike ride through the woodland we encountered wild boars and lots and lots of monkeys. They look so cute but obviously it’s their home and you have to respect that. Also hold onto your bags, we saw one monkey having a fight with a guys back pack… The back pack did not win.

Chek Jawa Wetlands took us about fifteen minutes to cycle (with a cheeky monkey stop on the way) and the scenery is very pretty.

I really enjoyed this excursion. The Island is so untouched and really charming. They say it transports you back to 1960s Singapore and it does have that timeless feel to it. I felt very relaxed and peaceful here.

As I said in my previous post, I will dedicate an entire blog to my favourite healthy eating spots in Singapore. But since I am such a foodie, as you are all aware by now, I wanted to talk a bit about some of my favourite restaurants I have been to so far. I get very excited about this because I enjoy talking about food nearly as much as I enjoy eating it….wait no, that’s a lie. But I do enjoy talking about food- who doesn’t?

I Am Cafe Haji Lane, Bugis. So good I have been twice. Well actually I had major food envy the first time (isn’t that just awful?) My first visit to I Am was with Kim and Lizzie and we thought it smelled so good so we ventured in. Little did we know that this restaurant is a popular favourite. I can see why, the food is really scrumptious. The menu is varied, Burgers, Pastas, Pizza and Sandwiches. All of which look and taste excellent. May I recommend The Big Bear Burger, complete with onion ring and fried egg with a side of pretty delicious fries. (I know what you are thinking, food envy? Yes. It was. But don’t worry, I went back for it, because I’m not messing around when it comes to food envy.)  I’m afraid I don’t have a photo because I inhaled it, but believe me when I say it was a bear-illiant burger and reasonably priced at $15.90

The Banana Leaf Little India (Arcade branch). This. Was. Amazing. I’d go as far as saying it was the second best curry house I have ever been to (which is high praise indeed!) It’s really authentic, you eat off a banana leaf with your hands (they do supply cutlery if you don’t want to) but it’s fun and really nice to get involved with your food, especially if you get a naan or chapati to scoop your sauce up with. (It’s making me salivate just thinking about it.)

Now, I’m a bit like Joey, I’m not keen on sharing food, however I’m so glad that we all ordered a dish each and shared because I tried (and loved) dishes that perhaps I wouldn’t have gone for like the Mango Prawns… so tasty! I have to say the butter chicken was excellent as was the veggie dhal… infact everything we tried was simply delicious. For the five of us, and we had about 7 dishes plus rice, breads and drinks the bill was $159 including service. I think that is great value. A big thumbs up from me 👍

Kim and myself went to China Town in search of the $2 street food stall “Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle” that has been awarded a michelin star. This can be found in the largest hawker centre in Singapore, Chinatown complex. It kind of looks like a car park, with lots of food stalls (and it’s very warm- which I actually think adds to the charm, just be sure to take a fan with you.) You will know the stall right away as there is a huge queue, which include plenty of locals, always a good sign in my book. Kim and I queued for just over an hour, before we were served, but that’s half the fun. One of our cast members went the previous day and lined up for fifty minutes, but he said that the people in front had been waiting for two hours! The food was tasty, I have to say I’m not a huge fan of chicken on the bone but it was cooked beautifully and the sauce was exquisite. The experience  itself was definitely worth it…I can’t imagine I could ever say I ate at a Michelin star restaurant for $2 again! I found a short five minute YouTube video about hawker chef Chang Hong Meng     Watch it here.

Another recommendation, if you like coffee is to try Selfie Coffee on …. Haji Lane (where else?!) Selfie Coffee does exactly what it says on the tin. You order a coffee, take a selfie and they print it on edible foam on top of your coffee. It’s completely novelty, somewhat narcissistic and a bit pricey for a coffee at $8.90 but a lot of fun and incredibly tasty. I had the butterscotch frappuccino and it was so deliciously naughty, with cream on top and everything! Kim went for salted caramel and Jodie amaretto… I tried both, they were really good too (but I liked mine best ☺️)

So we’ve reached the half way point with four weeks down and four weeks to go…and there is still so much more to explore. I’m yet to try the famous chilli crab or go to Raffles but they are on the list. We have a couple of exciting trips coming up over the next few weeks and I will look forward to telling you about my favourites in my next blog…

As always, if you have any suggestions or recommendations pop them in the box and thanks for taking the time to read my blog! 😘

Love Emily xxx

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Singapore: Part One

I’m sat on level eight at our hotel, it’s pouring down outside, big tropical rain drops bouncing off the floor. Normally at home in the UK I would be sat cozily tucked away in an arm chair with a big mug of tea. How typical, a Brit writing about the weather… but sitting outside, enjoying the impressive storm is the perfect setting for writing my first international blog.

Singapore Skyline
 We have been in Singapore for nearly two weeks and it’s safe to say we are all having a cracking time of it. Firstly the audiences here in Singapore are so welcoming and responsive, which is just fantastic for us. The Grand Theatre at Marina Bay is huge, the auditorium reminds me a little of the Wales Millenium Centre in Cardiff and it’s a great space to perform in. 

For the first week, due to our busy schedules we were mainly based at the theatre. Marina Bay has so much to offer, you can easily spend a day or three getting lost here and still not be able to see everything. The architecture of the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel, designed by Moshe Safdie, is impressive to say the least! 

Me and Kim, Gardens At The Bay

The Shopping Mall has a river running through it and you can actually get a punting boat to take you around. There is a big food court full of all sorts of cuisine, reasonably priced and the food is all freshly made right there in front of you. Pretty much the entire team at Wicked have become obsessed with the frozen yogurt stand Llaollao. For $5.90 you get a medium sized yogurt with three toppings and let me tell you, the dark chocolate topping actually freezes on top of the yogurt… it’s a beautiful thing.  In other news, it is incredibly easy to eat healthily in Singapore. There are lots of healthy, veggie and vegan options all over the city but I will write a separate blog for that one. For now, here is a photo of a not so healthy but delicious naughty treat from a coffee house, La Marelle Coffee House & Boutique in Bugis, with free WiFi (yay!) 

Cappuccino and banana bread… well it has bananas in it. That counts as healthy doesn’t it?…Doesn’t it?!

Nearly everyone I have spoken to who have visited Singapore have remarked about how clean a city it is. They weren’t wrong, it’s beautifully clean and the locals are so friendly here. I am really enjoying the relaxed pace that everyone goes about their day. I haven’t really noticed anyone rushing about. The MRT (underground) is also ran so efficiently and again, incredibly clean, affordable and easy to use.

On our first day off, one of our cast members Dean, kindly organised a trip for us all to one of Singapores top attractions,  Singapore Night Safari A great trip, good value for money, perfect for families and definitely worth a visit.  My top tip would be to take the tram ride first before going on the walking trails. Expect to see all the usual suspects… Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! (Well, I had to!)

Beautiful photograph by our Boq and resident photographer Iddon Jones
Elisha, one of our incredible dancers in Wicked, organised a little outing to Haji Lane. This is by far my favourite place I have been to in Singapore yet. It reminds me of the North Lanes in Brighton. Such a fantastic vibe, full of pretty boutique shops, one off coffee houses and restaurants. I absolutely can’t get enough of this place and if the rain subsides I will be out again today, rummaging through the many vintage shops and drinking copious amounts of coffee. To get to Haji Lane you can get the MRT to Bugis and it’s just a short walk from there.

Haji Lane

Two weeks down, six to go. I’m so grateful to be here in this incredible City and I look forward to sharing more of my adventures with you. 

Love Emily xxx

As always, if you have any recommendations or suggestions, pop them in the comments box below ☺️ Ta muchly xxx