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Manila Part One: Volcanoes & Sunsets… Β 

Someone once told me that the Philippines is one of the friendliest places on Earth. I certainly agree. The people here are so warm, friendly and welcoming.

We have been in Manila for two weeks now with Wicked. Ever since we found out we would be touring here, I was so intrigued and excited, as I have never been to the Philippines before.

As usual, our first week was busy with fixing the show up at the gorgeous Soltaire Theatre. The audiences have been so supportive and we had an incredible opening night… they certainly know how to party here! 😜

Opening Night

Taal Volcano πŸŒ‹ 

Taal Volcano is a geological wonder being that it is a volcano within a lake within a volcano and it is the smallest active volcano in the world. I cannot express how incredible this experience was. It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

An Island within a Lake within a Volcano within a Lake within a Volcano πŸ‘Œ

Like Hong Kong, it was pretty amazing to see that just a few hours drive from the city, we were in this beautiful wonderland.

We had an incredibly early start (which I would recommend to avoid traffic) and when we arrived at the port we were met by Jason, our tour guide who was as friendly as he was knowledgeable.

From Luzon, we got a boat over to the Volcano and we were met by the locals who live there. We were then guided, on horse back, along a secret trail up to the top.

Our guides took us to the hot springs and the volcanic steam vents that gave off a sulphuric odour…

This video is of the boiling hot springs  on the Volcano, it reminded me a little of “The Bog of eternal stench” as seen in one of my favourite films, Labyrinth.

Jareth: If I thought for one second that you were betraying me, I’d be forced to suspend you head first in the Bog of Eternal Stench.


Jareth: Oh, YES, Hoggle!

To see the volcanic lakes and hot springs was one thing, but we actually got to get in and have a swim! This was quite literally one of the best experiences of my tour so far. The natural beauty that surrounded us, plus a little spa treatment thrown in… as we covered ourselves from head to toe in volcanic clay.

A cheeky mud mask… don’t mind if I do!
The lovely Dean organised this trip for us through E-Philippines. The trip included transport to and from our hotel, a boat ride and a horse ride along a secret trail. In total for 20 people it worked out at 3,100 pesos each (roughly Β£50!)

  • Taal Volcano
  • Booked through E Philippines
  • Pack sunscreen, snacks & bug spray.
  • Remember to bring some cash to tip your guide 😊

A beautiful Sunset captured from my window…
Not only are the people here in the Philippines so friendly but the sunsets are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I am so very much looking forward to exploring and hopefully getting away to some of the iconically stunning islands that surround us.

Two weeks down and five weeks to go on my Philippine adventure. This tour is certainly flying by (pardon the pun!)

Lots of love

Emily xxx

Happy Valentines everyone πŸ’• xxx